Roofing Services In Spokane, WA

Professional Roofing Services In Spokane, WA

Home to Gonzaga University, Spokane is the second-largest city in Washington. The Spokane River runs through downtown, and the Numerica SkyRide provides scenic views of the Spokane Falls. These features make Washington’s second city a beautiful place to live and work. Unfortunately, roof problems can overshadow these attractions.

The roofs of homes and businesses keep residents dry and comfortable, but some are better than others. A quality roof will seal your home from water and pests that can damage your structure and spread illnesses to occupants. Gaps or loose shingles allow entry into your home, threatening your health and safety. Spokane, WA, roofing services will ensure the protection of your building.

Dodd Roofing and Exteriors inspects, repairs, and installs the best roofs for Washington and Idaho residents and businesses. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, ensuring your structure is secure.

Residential Roofing Service In Spokane

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Protecting your home from exterior threats is essential for a healthy and comfortable lifestyle. An unsecured roof allows water and pests to sneak into your home, damaging the wood in your house. They can also spread illnesses throughout your residence, making it an unsafe place to live.

Home roofing services in Spokane, WA, will ensure your roof protects your home, and Dodd Roofing and Exteriors are the experts. We use a 35-point inspection to check that your roof’s slope sends water to your gutters and that your downspouts direct the water away from your foundation. We’ll also make necessary repairs to keep the water from infiltrating your attic.

We can provide thermal and drone scans depending on the slope of your roof and will check the valleys. Call us if you’re concerned about the quality of your Spokane roof.

Commercial Roofing Service In McCall

Roofs are one of the most essential parts of a commercial facility. They protect equipment, products, and people from water damage and pest infestations. A quality roof drains rainwater, seals gaps, and protects your foundation. Commercial roofing services in Spokane, WA, will protect your home from the threat of moisture.

Dodd Roofing and Exteriors serves businesses throughout Eastern Washington with the best roofing services. We’ll inspect your structure to ensure it’s secure, keeping water and pests from infiltrating your building. We can repair your existing roof or install a new one, whichever suits your situation.

Keeping water and pests out of your building is essential for its safety, and we have the tools and experience for long-term support. Contact us to protect your commercial facility from these threats.

Looking To Upgrade Your Spokane Home's Windows?

Quality windows significantly impact your home, making it more comfortable and allowing natural light to enter. Modern windows provide several benefits, and old windows are detrimental to your house. When your windows cost you money and comfort, it’s time to upgrade.

Old windows allow air to escape and enter your home, increasing the need for air conditioning services. New windows also provide greater security, reducing the likelihood of intrusions. Some of the benefits of upgrading the windows in your Spokane home include:

  • Reduce your energy bills.

  • Limit outdoor noise in your home.

  • Protect your home from dust and allergens.

  • Provide more security.

If you want to upgrade your windows, Dodd Roofing and Exteriors can help. Our vinyl windows are a cost-effective and low-maintenance option, protecting you from the outside conditions. We’ll remove your old windows and install new ones, eliminating gaps between the window frame and your walls.

Upgrading your windows can provide financial and comfort benefits for your home. Let us know if you want to experience the advantages of modern windows in your Spokane house.

The Key To Effective Solar Systems In Spokane

Solar systems provide numerous benefits for Spokane homes. They produce clean energy, reduce electricity bills, and increase property values. Solar panels are also more effective and affordable than ever, making them attainable for more people. If you notice that your electricity bills keep rising, this option can help.

As you might expect, some homes benefit from solar systems more than others. The panels require the sun to produce energy, so location is the key to an effective system. Some of the factors that impact the effectiveness of your solar system include:

  • The angle of your solar panels

  • The slope of your roof

  • Shade over your roof

Our experts at Dodd Roofing and Exteriors will inspect your roof to find the best location for your panels. Our roof repair services provide the best angle and slope to get the most from your solar panel system. While on your roof, we’ll look for gaps that allow water and pests to enter, potentially damaging your home.

Installing a solar system in your home can produce significant savings and make your home more valuable. Call us to learn more about our solar services in Spokane.

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Dylan was very friendly professional knowledgeable and helpful. He made dealing with our insurance for our wind damaged roof a very smooth process. We are very satisfied and our roof looks great. I highly recommend Dylan and Dodd Roofing!

Tabitha S

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